Analytics Audit of Sites and Applications
Every day, you manage the human and capital resources to become the choice number one on your market. That is why you need to be sure that you know the state of affairs of every business part.
Data-driven companies hire us to build and support custom analytics solutions.
To get control, not mere expectations
When your site or application is a complex system, then you may feel that the more it grows, the more unclear and obscure it becomes. And there is no way to stop. You have to add new features, change the design, and test SEO, PPC, SMM initiatives. But with each change, complexity arises, and it's become harder to control and direct your product toward bigger goals.
To make improvements, not changes
The change may not bring results, but the improvement does. Therefore if you want to tailor the product to the market, it's essential to increase the number of improvements. This process must be persistent, and can't rely only on intuition. Since you always have two or three times more ideas what to do than available resources.
We have developed the analytical processes for applications and sites since 2016. So we know that an ideal analytical process is the union of an infrastructure, analytical methods, and a workflow. It's the collaborative work of such subsystems:
  • Events tracking
  • DWH architecture and database design
  • ETL infrastructure and process
  • Data visualization tools and principles
  • Decision-making process and skills
  • Math for decision making
  • Conclusions presentation and collection

Math, database design, and events tracking are advanced steps, whereas the decision-making process should be designed from the first day. But for efficient work, it's necessary to have all subsystems developed and coordinated toward common goals.

That is why we research how your entire analytical system works, label the inefficiencies, mistakes, weak and strong points. Based on these discoveries, we create the document "what is now and what should be", and developed a step-by-step plan how to move from the current stage to a better analytical system.

Such audit requires knowledge of product architecture, technologies, trends in data collection, data visualization, ab-testing, etc. That is why it's impossible to accomplish by a single analyst, but we can do it since we are a team of analytics, data visualization experts, technical writers, and analytics architects.
How to Start
You contact us or leave your e-mail
We schedule the meeting, on which we discuss what are your goals and needs and how we can help.
We are studying your product
We review the product documentation, existing data sources: tables, spreadsheets, CRM, CMS, Amplitude, Google Analytics, MySQL, PostgreSQL, BigQuery, etc. Then we review the dashboards and reports in Excel, Spreadsheet, Tableau, Data Studio, 3d party sources, and SQL, python scripts.
You get the tailored analytics development plan
Based on gathered information, we create a roadmap for analytics development on your product with detailed descriptions of actions and outcomes for each stage.
We have a complex system with a lot of hidden intrinsic dependencies that should be saved. Guys perfectly understand our case and suggest improvement not only on the level of the task - but on the level of the whole project architecture.
Vlad Prokopenko
CFO, Fulcrum Rocks
Have a project?
If you have challenges while incorporating analytics, which baffles you and prevents your company from using data for data-driven decision making, then contact us!