Custom Analytics Services for Data-Driven Companies
We make advanced analytics architectures of sites and applications.
What you'll get
Data-driven companies hire us to build and support custom analytics solutions.
Analytics allows you to spot and remove destabilizing, chaotic elements from your business and focus all resources on reaching your goals.
Since we are the team of experts, we deliver results that a single analyst can't achieve.
We help to substitute a surface knowledge of how clients use your product on the deep understanding of their behaviour.
You will receive not mere technologies but the sustainable analytics process incorporated into your workflow that brings insights every day.
What we do
We establish the foundation for predictive, prescriptive, forecasting analytics, and data-driven decision making.
Events Design and Tracking
The complexity of the events tracking system reflects the complexity of your customers' interactions with the product. A simple system is satisfactory only for simple products. Therefore logic that worked on dozens of events stops working for hundreds. That is why we design event gathering systems that transparent and scalable not only for few employees but for the company.
Analytic Database Design
Your clients don't appear from anywhere; they have a history. This history should be collected in a way you make use of it. That is why we insist that the design that worked for a production database isn't working for an analytical database. Because the analytical database contains not only present information but also the past.

Such an approach increases the database's size, but we know how to keep transparency while scaling since we created databases with hundreds of tables and views and tested them in action.
Dashboards Development
Your data contains the truth about how your clients really use your product. But often, it is hidden from you and your employees in the rows of tables. Therefore we make it transparent to everyone by making dashboards, charts, and reports with data visualizations.
A/B-tests and Data-Driven Decision Making
Suppose somebody makes a change to your product and clients react negatively. Definitely, this is not the situation you want. That is why companies incorporate data-driven decision-making methodologies into their workflows.

For example, A/B-testing is the class of algorithms to make decisions with a high probability of being correct. But more generally, it is the process to take an appropriate math model and apply it to your business and receive valid and actionable conclusions about what to do.
We work with such technologies

Databases, visualization tools, programming languages and other instruments we work with
The team has delivered excellent results thus far, establishing a successful math model for the computer vision feature and effective MVPs. They are dedicated, skilled, and responsive, ensuring all developments are thoroughly researched.
Sergey Timofeev
Founder, Gaming Application
We have a complex system with a lot of hidden intrinsic dependencies that should be saved. Guys perfectly understand our case and suggest improvement not only on the level of the task - but on the level of the whole project architecture.
Vlad Prokopenko
CFO, Fulcrum Rocks
Ihor from Arcane Future is GREAT to work with and very knowledgeable about Google Analytics and Tag Manager. He was fast and got the job done correctly. Highly recommend and I will be working with him again!!
Project Manager
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If you have challenges while incorporating analytics, which baffles you and prevents your company from using data for data-driven decision making, then contact us!